New Stunt Reel for Alvin Hsing, Supporting Cast

If you haven’t heard of Alvin Hsing yet, you will very soon. A rising star in the film action/stunt scene, Alvin Hsing joined the cast of Rise And Fail after working with The Stunt People on Detective Story and Ness. Check out his latest stunt demo reel, with plenty of spills and spins that you may not have seen from the Stunt People realm.

Alvin may be The Stunt People’s latest key member, but how about it’s oldest? Well that would have to be The Stunt People founder Eric Jacobus, the writer & director of Rise And Fail. So we thought it’d be fun to show you Eric’s demo reel as well, even if it is slightly more outdated.

Post inspired by The Actionist Blog.


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