Eric Jacobus Gives a Tour of Contour

As we put the final touches on the Death Grip movie, and prepare to release the DVD with our theatrical premiere, we are also preparing some fun extra features to add to the DVD. Among those will be an extensive behind-the-scenes on the making of Death Grip, including interviews with director Eric Jacobus, producer Rebecca Ahn, star Johnny Yong Bosch, and other key cast & crew, plus exclusive footage taken on the film set!

To whet your appetite for this special bonus tour of Death Grip, Eric wanted to share the similar making-of featurette from his previous feature film Contour (2006). Since the Contour DVD is being re-released as The Agent without any special features, we figured it’d be alright to show you this behind-the-scenes “Tour of Contour” for free!

This should give you a good idea of how much we plan to share with you on the equivalent exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Death Grip. And if you like this video, consider buying the original Contour DVD at the Stunt People online store!


The Contour-Killer

You may remember the last Action Kickback film written, directed and starring Rise And Fail‘s Eric Jacobus, Contour. And if you haven’t seen it yet, or even heard of it, you are missing out. It may seem a bit cheesy, but the action is first rate, and Eric himself has been quoted saying that Rise And Fail will be his first film to best the action in Contour – his “Contour-killer“. So make sure you check it out!

And if you are a Contour fan, you’ll be excited to hear that Contour’s leading man, Lawrence Young, now has his own blog! We sure missed Law’s rough-around-the-edges charm and I’m sure you did too. So now you can keep up on his current adventures, which have definitely taken a new direction.