Watch this exclusive sneak peek scene from Death Grip: “Get Up, Kenny”


(Videos by Alex Ng)

Production Designer Ejay Ongaro talks about some of the sets for Death Grip.

Supporting actor Sean Rochford talks about the double backflip stunts that he never did.

Eric Jacobus talks about the “Jib”, the all-in-one wonder tool. Death Grip‘s Director of Photography Drew Daniels quickly found himself married to this handy piece of equipment. Not only did it create some gorgeous shots, but its maneuverability allowed Drew to get new steady shots without having to readjust a clunky tripod.

Co-Producer Edward Kahana talks about the difference between two action styles, one relying on editing, and the other relying on the action. Death Grip relies more on the latter.

The cast and crew take a moment to interview Johnny Yong Bosch, who plays the lead role of “Torch”.

Long takes. We show you all the work involved in doing one long, complex shot of choreography.

Speed Ramping! … or is it?

Eric falling over and over and over again. How many takes does it take to get one good take of a fall?

Stuntmen on the set talk about the training and experience necessary for the film.

Bryan practices wushu with a lightsaber on set.

Death Grip‘s Director of Photography, Drew Daniels takes a minute to talk about the style of filming for Death Grip.

Behind the scenes making of the dog pile scene.

Rebecca lays in the injuries onto Eric’s face.

Rebecca sets out again to bloody up yet another member of the team.

Eric explains how he came across some injuries, and expresses his aversion to pads.

Eric Jacobus and Johnny Yong Bosch enjoy a meal on the set.


First teaser for Rise And Fail

Teaser for when the film was called Death Grip


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