The Value of Music

As you budget your own film and estimate your costs for each part of the film, one of the most important areas you absolutely should not skimp on is the musical score. Never underestimate the value of music in making your film. A good soundtrack can make a poor film much more bearable, and a bad soundtrack can make it impossible to sit through an otherwise gorgeous film. So set aside a solid chunk of your budget for this part of post-production, and I promise you won’t regret it.

Thankfully we had a sense of this when budgeting Death Grip, and have now been fortunate to secure veteran composer Brett Cameron Perry, who will be creating a full orchestral original score that is sure to help bring the film to life. Check out Brett’s website for more information on his extensive background and experience.

So as we finalize the locked picture and Brett charges forward fitting music to the final edit, we will keep you in the loop on its progress and hope to bring you the beautifully composed and completed motion picture before too long.

So sit tight, stay tuned, and you’ll see it soon!