The Picture is Locked! PLUS DVD Sneak Peek

It’s official! We’ve finally locked the final picture for Death Grip, with polished visual effects, color, music & sound! And to celebrate, we thought we’d share some of the love with you all.

You see, as we’ve been preparing for our approaching June 30th Premiere, we’ve also been preparing the artwork for the release of our Death Grip DVD & Blu Ray, which will go on sale at the very same time.

We’ve been keeping the designs hidden away in our secret lab, going through countless revisions and perfecting every detail with the help of our masterly key artist Joe Golling, all in preparation for the big day.

But we’ve decided we just can’t hold these precious designs to our bosoms any longer. Today we locked the entire movie picture. And that has put us in such a jolly mood that we simply cannot contain ourselves!

So to celebrate this momentous milestone, and without further ado, we give you an early sneak peek of the official artwork for the DVD & Blu Ray editions of Death Grip:

DVD front & back


Blu Ray front & back


These DVDs & Blu Rays will be on sale at the Theatrical Premiere on June 30th in San Leandro, CA. But if you absolutely have to miss the Premiere, don’t worry! You will be able to purchase a DVD or Blu Ray online shortly thereafter.


New Title, New Titles

As our writer, director Eric Jacobus just announced, Death Grip is getting new titles done for our opening and ending film credits, as well as the shiny new trailer coming out soon. Having good titles is so important, and it takes someone with a real sense of fashion and design, who knows how to make simple words look good. So we turned once again to Joe Golling, the man behind our latest key art, and once again he created magic for us.

To check out other awesome titles for your favorite movies, Joe pointed out the Watch the Titles site. It’s amazing, but it’s so easy to forget how much of a difference these little things can make.

So a huge thank you to Joe Golling, and stay tuned for more of Death Grip‘s awesomeness coming soon!

New Title, New Artwork cont’d

It’s funny to look back and remember when we came up with what we thought was the far more appropriate title of “Rise And Fail”. And it’s also fun to look back at the poster artwork we had made to showcase our shiny new title, courtesy of the very talented Joe Golling.

But now that we’ve returned to the old familiarity of “Death Grip”, it was time to update that poster. So we brought it up with Joe, and he very readily obliged with his new and improved poster artwork for the new and improved Death Grip.