New Teaser for Rise And Fail!

With a new title comes a new trailer. As you can see, the tone has changed quite a bit since this movie was called “Death Grip”.


MakeUp 1: How You Look When You Get Beat Up (on camera)

So there is a thought floating about that Stuntmen are made of invincible sheets of thin titanium, which is why they survive falls and hits that look like they would have killed a normal man. While this is true to an extent (as in, we incorporate titanium into our daily diet), it’s not the case that every fall can be brushed off without a deep breath and by gritting our teeth until they can crush grain into powder. Sometimes, you can get hurt (like when Eric hurt his shoulder).

But for those other situations, we have the wonderful aid of make-up to make our hits look like they really hurt:

Against all Odds

Here’s some BTS video of the application of the blood.

A failed attempt at seppuku, which was performed after Eric dishonored us all by showing off his bare chest.

More of Rebecca making us look all bloody.

Alvin’s cuts and bruises. Unfortunate fishing accident where the hook flew through his mouth. Well no, that’s not true.

That’s the first peek at the make up for now. Let us know if you want to see anything in particular!