New Title, New Artwork

First a big thanks to those of you who participated in our Facebook poll, where we asked you what title you prefer for this film! Given the overwhelming preference for “Death Grip” in the poll, as well as the advice of our sales agent,  Wonderphil, and our own sentiments, we’ve made an executive decision.

This film will now officially be (re)titled DEATH GRIP.

Armed with this title, we can now work on creating the ultimate key art and trailer that will make every distributor worldwide jump at the chance to buy our film. And while we don’t have that to share with you yet, we have been fortunate enough to inspire awesome artwork from our own fan community!

Literally the same day we announced the possibility of the title change back to “Death Grip”, we received the following kick-ass artwork courtesy of Kennedy Dwyre:

This one featuring the film’s supporting villain, Dominic, played by Alvin Hsing.

She even designed artwork for the cover of the soundtrack CD!

So big thanks to Kennedy Dwyre for such epic artwork, and stay tuned for more official art, etc coming soon!


Remember to Donate!

As you may already know, Rise And Fail has been desperately trying to raise enough funding to complete film production. You might also know that we’ve been trying to do so through a means that rewards the donor as well! For every threshold of contribution the donor gives, we will give them certain gifts in return (ex. a signed copy of the DVD, the official movie t-shirt, tickets to the film premiere, your name in the movie credits, etc)

So if you think about it, there’s no real downside to donating. Not only do you help fund the completion of an amazing action film, but you also walk away with official movie merchandise! What a deal!

So if you love our style of authentic Action Kickback martial arts action, and witty dark comedy and thriller films, and indie film in general, — or any of those really — you won’t regret contributing to Rise And Fail!

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How Many Takes it Takes: To Get One Take of a Fall

As mentioned in the previously-posted series, The Makings of a Stuntman, a stuntman has to be prepared to do more than just take a beating. He has to be able to perform the same stunt (and take the same beating) multiple times, each with equal skill and safety — which might beg the question: “how many times do they have to do each stunt?”

The answer is naturally that “it varies”, but in general a stunt will take at least two or three tries to get it right.

While anyone can fall, a stuntman can make the fall look painful while avoiding serious injury, and do it several times. For example, let’s take Eric’s fall in the Museum. It’s a pretty simple fall that anyone could do. However, the difference lies in whether you can do it without ending up bent over nursing your hip like a bandaged up old grandmother.

Here is some footage behind the making of a single fall, and the numerous times we had to do it over again just to get this single stunt.


Technically, the answer to the title question is “one”, since it really only takes one to get a take (hah). The point here, however, is that to get a “good take” might take several takes, as evidenced by the above video.

BTS: The Makings of a Stuntman_Part 1

This blog is part of a series:

See part 2 here:  The Makings of a Stuntman Part 2

Some people who watch this movie might ask, “What do you do to become a stuntman?”

Well that’s a good question, and while I can’t speak for all stuntmen. I CAN give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be a stuntman on the set of “Rise And Fail”.

The Diet of Awesome

First is the diet. Just like the saying, “You are what you eat”, and on this set, our stuntmen are made of Costco meatballs, beef jerky, granola bars, coffee, and the occasional piece of fruit or vegetable until they become soft and squishy and turn into a rotten mess (just kidding, we don’t buy fruits and vegetables). (Editor Note: We actually did buy fruits and vegetables.)

Before the mad rush. We even consumed the microwave.

These meatballs are the ambrosia fed to the Gods during their massive feasts. All you need is half a loaf of sandwich bread, three of these heated meatballs, and a slice of your favorite cheese and you have a sandwich which can keep your stunting abilities up for the rest of the day.

Ability to Take Hits

Second is the ability to take hits, because just like Rocky says, “It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward” and then just like Rocky, develop a slur that sounds like you have far too many air holes in your mouth. But a good example of such a talent is the ability of Jackie Chan to nearly kill himself several times and decide that it’s a good idea to continue as if nothing had happened. Luckily, we have several members on our stunt crew who exhibit such brain damage bravery.

Here’s a glimpse of the falls and hits that we take (more in a later post).

The Clothing

As a stuntman, you often have to wear clothes that you aren’t used to wearing. Often you are either a henchman getting knocked out, or you are the stand-in for the main character. Either way, the clothes you wear aren’t going to be up to you, so you need some versatility and endurance to bear with what you’re given.

For our movie, we have to perform stunts in wardrobe such as awkwardly loose polyester robes that cook you from the inside, ski-masks that constrict your face until your eyeballs pop-out, formal suits drenched in sticky sweet fake blood, and even a dress & heels (for the women of course).

For instance:

These robes heat up more than a Jawa under the sun of Tattooine (aka it’s real warm).

While their robes may be warm and stuffy, the real stuntman can barrel through that.

Lucas demonstrates his ability to make the robe his own.

The robes are not tailored for any of the stuntmen in general and are made of polyester which can heat up quickly with a little movement. If we also note that the warehouse is shut off to keep light from coming in, we end up with an environment that can often be stagnant and uncomfortably warm when wearing the robe. However, as a stuntman, you should be able to handle it.

…to be continued.


The IndieGoGo campaign is still running and the time limit is slowly ticking down. We are still trying to acquire funds in order to finish filming! So if you feel excited for this film, please contribute anything you can!

IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign Live!

You’ve been waiting patiently, and it’s finally here! We have launched our “Rise And Fail” IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, giving you the opportunity to be a crucial part of the film’s production.

  • Why do we need the funds?
As you can imagine, making a full length feature film isn’t cheap. And an ultra-low budget action film is simply unheard of! We’ve made it this far, but our current funds are fast depleting as we near the end of principal filming and aim for an early 2012 release. Even so, we are committed to delivering a truly stunning film to our audience – both visually and emotionally – so we need all the help we can get to finishing turning this dream into a reality.
  • What is the fundraising Goal?
We’ve set an IndieGoGo goal of $40,000, which is the amount we’ve calculated we need to complete this film. Though raising above our goal would of course only help us produce that much more epic an action film, and go that much less into debt to do it. We can also assure you the funds raised with IndieGoGo will only go towards the remaining costs of actual production, such as filming location rental costs, costumes, travel, editing, audio mixing, DVD authoring and duplication, and so on.
  • How much should I contribute?

No matter where you are finding us in the process, your donation will make a difference. We are determined to make this film, no matter how many days we have to starve to make it, so we will be eternally appreciative of whatever support you can give, and promise you our undying gratitude in return.

  • Are there gifts for donating?

By backing this project, not only will you earn our endless affection and help us produce a novel kind of indie film that goes beyond today’s action mold, you will also have access to exclusive rewards including signed copies of the DVD, your name in the credits, tickets to the movie premiere, and much more.

So if this sounds like a film you’d like to help make a reality, we hope you’ll consider becoming an important part of our production.

  • What else can I do to help?

Help us spread the word! Please feel free to send this page to anyone else you know who would be interested in backing such an exciting new action film venture! You can also visit our website at, and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

We have added a page called “Support” to the top right corner of the site. If you feel the urge to contribute, please feel free to visit that page and become part of what makes this movie a reality!

The Movie Formerly Known as “Death Grip”

Breaking News! The movie once known as “Death Grip” has been renamed to “Rise And Fail”. All other aspects of the film stay the same, except now you’ll have a wonderfully fun time trying to get yourself to read “Fail” instead of “Fall”.

The title change has been a long time coming as the film’s core team began to realize that the title “Death Grip” was less and less appropriate for the movie they were making. While “Death Grip” is an appropriate title for a straight up action movie, this film was more than just a string of fight scenes. And so discussion about the title began, after much of the footage was already shot.

Obviously a title change isn’t something taken lightly, and there were several possibilities considered. The movie wasn’t always called “Death Grip”, it was once called “Kenny the Lackey” in its earliest stage, and some of the other possible titles considered included “Legal Guardian”, “The Caterer”, and “The Lackey”.

You might be thinking, “I really like the idea of title X”, why did they decide on “Rise And Fail”? Well, the first winning idea was to simply name the movie “Fail”, but somehow that title just didn’t feel completely right. So the idea expanded to “Rise and Fail”, which felt not only like a nice play on words, but also perfectly captured a key theme for several of the film’s main characters. But then you’ll have to watch the film in order to see how that manifests for each of them.

The original Logo