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We’ve been thrilled to see so many positive reviews for Death Grip on IMDb, that we wanted to share some of the highlights with you. And maybe these will also inspire you to go and share your own review of Death Grip on IMDb as well!

Alex P Smits says Hollywood Should Be Ashamed:

If there’s one thing that Eric Jacobus and The Stunt People consistently do, it’s embarrass big budget Hollywood action filmmakers, who are generally clueless when it comes to fight choreography and cinematography. “Death Grip” is a fantastic micro-budget action film with a genuinely engaging plot and cast, and quite possibly the best American made martial arts film since Steve Wang’s “Drive” (1997).

DFX praises it as A blood-stained glimmer of hope for the action film industry:

San Francisco-based amateur action pioneers The Stunt People return with a vengeance in Death Grip, a sophisticated action- thriller that glimmers with professional polish and demonstrates the considerable progress the outfit has made in their mission to reclaim the art of the action film for a new generation of audiences jaded by the uninspired output of mainstream cinema. Boasting impressive sets, a cast of capable dramatic actors and staggering technical prowess, Death Grip is a Stunt People production unlike any previously seen.

Matt Kinsman calls it a Gritty action drama with heart:

From the very first frame you can see the improvement that Eric Jacobus and the Stunt People team have made from earlier efforts. The cinematography is now beautiful and crisp, gritty grey’s and smooth camera movements make this a joy to watch and to top it off, the story is engaging and practically hole free with the Stuntpeople’s signature frenetic choreographed fights and action (which are always clear to see unlike most Hollywood movie’s) complementing the story rather than make a boring film with a couple good action bits like most B movies these days. So congrats to these guys for giving us hope for the martial art action movie scene 🙂

kwonkicker@yahoo.com claims it A great, story driven film supplemented by excellent action:

Within the first 5 minutes of pressing the play button, I found myself looking forward to seeing more of the interaction between the two lead characters than I did with seeing the action sequences.

Of course, that’s not to say the action wasn’t great. In fact, it was outstanding. Not only that, but it featured new & creative physical elements that I haven’t seen from The Stunt People in the past. In other words, they kept it “fresh”. Which was a pretty big challenge considering the amount of action they did in their previous feature, “Contour”.

Nathan-Maul shares his view of Death Grip:

Death Grip is defiantly the action packed movie for all martial art fans. The fight scenes will keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. Eric Jacobus, Johnny Bosch, the Stunt People and the rest of the crew give the fans what they want, that is ACTION with a little fun comedy in the middle. Every move, fight and stunt had been practiced and timed right on the spot. What Hollywood does with wires and CGI, this movie is all natural. No fancy wires, no CGI, everything you see done in this movie is done by the fabulous actors, actresses, stunt people and crew. They bring the blood gushing, face pealing gore that other movies use high tech equipment to produce. The fights are fast, crazy and an adrenalin rush. If you’re a martial arts fan, Death Grip is the movie to own.

John Davis raves that The Action Kicks Back: The Stunt People continue to impress:

While Death Grip is less campy than some previous efforts by the SP crew, it has moments of drama that are surprisingly real and you can’t help but feel the bond between the Zemacus brothers. The supporting cast shines with memorable performances, Alvin Hsing’s in particular. Add a healthy dose of a very sinister Johnny Yong Bosch, and you have a multifaceted gem of action kickback called DEATH GRIP. I can’t wait to see what comes after this.

And Joe Ochinero describes it as Realistic and Engaging:

One of the best to come from The Stunt People thus far! What is more engaging is the fighting moves the story along and has character – something that is nearly impossible to achieve in current martial art films with meteoric budgets. This filmic art has heart and a conscious eye on the realism of conflict – the social as well as the physical. This is a “Must See” for anyone who’s a martial art film buff as well as those who want a good “Non-Formulaic” story.

Now it’s your turn!

Search for “Death Grip IMDb” in your browser and write your own review of our movie! You can also rate how many stars you think it deserves. But a word of caution – don’t give it 10 stars even if you think it deserving – apparently IMDb frowns on that sort of thing, assumes they are exaggerating ratings, and won’t weigh them as heavily.

And if you haven’t seen Death Grip yet, then buy your copy from our online store today. We ship quickly, so you’ll have it to watch and review in no time!


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