Comic-Con loves Death Grip!

Today marked the end of Day 2 (not including Wed Preview Night) here at Comic-Con 2012, and already Death Grip has been making quite an impression!

First on Thursday night (yesterday), Ric Meyers honored our beloved Death Grip and Eric Jacobus on his annual Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza panel with a solid chunk of sneak preview time. We showed off 3 classic scenes from the movie, and the crowd went wild!

Then to sweeten the deal, our booth traffic increased exponentially today with folks coming up to buy the DVD after seeing it on the panel last night! We doubled our sales from yesterday, and then some!

Next up is our full film screening for Death Grip tomorrow (Sat) night at 5pm in the Marriott Marina Ballroom D. So if you’re around at the Con, come by and enjoy our movie on the big screen. We’re expecting a really solid turnout, which will hopefully lead to even more DVD sales on Sunday.

But beyond all the great publicity and merchandise sales, we’ve also been fortunate to rub elbows with some amazing celebs and icons at our Booth #4015 (where we’ve been showing off our shiny new booth setup)

including James Lew

Darren Shahlavi

Reuben Langdon

and Rob Van Dam


… not to mention our booth neighbor, Troma founder and mastermind Lloyd Kaufman!

It’s been a whirlwind of a Comic-Con this year… and it’s not over yet!

So stay tuned for more updates and recap as we finish off the last 2 days of the Con strong!


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