Live from Cannes

Bonjour everyone!

Ici nous sommes en (Here we are in) Cannes, France at the Marche du Film & Festival, and quelle chance! Death Grip has been getting lots of promising attention from distributors around the world, and we may even come away from this market with a few deals locked down – all thanks to the hard work and savvy of our sales agent, Wonderphil.

We’ve also been getting a really healthy dose of reality check regarding the international marketplace, including what regions really aren’t interested in collaborating on our breed of action films, and what regions are. So we’ll definitely be taking home a stronger vision for the international growth potential of our Action Kickback movement and future films!

Wonder what goes on at a film market like Cannes?

Want to see what it looks like from the inside?

We’ve took some exclusive behind-the-scenes video for you live from inside the sales floor, right in the hub of the Cannes Marche du Film. See through the eyes of our producer Rebecca Ahn, as she walks the main corridor of the Palais des Festivals, passing by the Wonderphil booth where our own beloved Death Grip is on display, and finally joining up with our director Eric Jacobus and production designer Ejay Ongaro, as they ready themselves for another day at the Cannes Marche du Film!

Can’t you just feel the excitement in the air and the buzz of countless sales deals in the making?


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