Death Grip Goes to Cannes!

Bon Voyage! Death Grip‘s fearless leaders, producers Eric Jacobus and Rebecca Ahn, are setting off for Cannes, France to attend the Marche du Film and Film Festival in pursuit of Death Grip distribution success.

At 5:30am tomorrow morning, Eric and I will bid our Bay Area farewell and take to the skies on our way to Cannes. We are so excited to experience our first Marche du Film, and observe our sales agent Wonderphil in action as he exhibits Death Grip to countless distributors from all around the world! But beyond that, we are looking forward to the incredible learning experiences and networking opportunities that come with such a tremendous event. This is by far the largest film market of the year, with 11,000 film professionals in attendance, and 460 exhibitors representing over 40 countries. So I’ve no doubt we will walk away (or rather fly away) from this experience with a great deal more knowledge and understanding of this business and how we can continue to take our films to the next level. So look out Cannes, and look out world, because here we come!

-Rebecca Ahn

Stay tuned on this website for exclusive updates and videos LIVE from Eric and Rebecca in Cannes.

And don’t forget to get your tickets now for the Death Grip Theatrical Premiere on Saturday, June 30th!


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