Locking the Final Edit

Whew, well we did it! We finally put the finishing touches on the Death Grip edit, so the picture is now officially locked!

Now all we need to do is send the last bit of footage off to our very accomplished composer Brett Cameron Perry, sound editor & mixer Matteo Grilli, colorist Drew Daniels, and visual effects artist Shaun Finney… and wait for the remaining pieces to fall into place!

While we wait, this becomes a good time for some reflection. And since our director Eric Jacobus also happens to be the editor as well, he had some interesting insights into that experience and why it might have actually been better to have someone else do the editing.

As directors we’ve all heard it: you shouldn’t edit your film because you become attached to it. But being married to footage is only half of the problem, and it’s not impossible to overcome that… The real issue, however, is that as directors we’re married to “directing”. Directors tell people what to do, while editors help viewers understand what the hell the director was thinking. A director in the editor’s seat will glue shots together to tell the audience what to think, forcing his vision across even if there’s not enough information to really make the idea work. Editors glue shots to make use of the target viewers’ average mental faculties, producing the intended effect.

To read Eric’s full post on the subject, check out his blog The Actionist.


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