The Value of Visual Fx

Our last post emphasized the value of having a really good, compelling musical score for your film. But what other elements are essential to a truly quality final picture?

Well if we’re talking about picture quality, then possibly the most important element to the audience’s suspension of disbelief is the visual effects.

Take this exclusive sneak peek into one of the key climax scenes in Death Grip (complete with freshly composed music):

Pretty gripping, huh?

Well without the visual effects added to that gun shot, you might not have been able to tell where Kenny was shot, or have missed the shot altogether – completely ruining that moment. But with the extra blood and dust effects, you can plainly see where our hero has been injured, and what wound he will have to overcome, as he faces the film’s ultimate villain (played by Johnny Yong Bosch).

Thanks to our visual effects artist, Shaun Finney, we have created a most suspenseful and captivating scene for our film – and one that I’m sure has you itching to see more!

What will happen to our hero Kenny? And can the villain Torch be stopped?

Find out soon, and stay tuned to see more exclusive sneak peeks into the deadly world of Death Grip!


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