New Title, New Artwork

First a big thanks to those of you who participated in our Facebook poll, where we asked you what title you prefer for this film! Given the overwhelming preference for “Death Grip” in the poll, as well as the advice of our sales agent,  Wonderphil, and our own sentiments, we’ve made an executive decision.

This film will now officially be (re)titled DEATH GRIP.

Armed with this title, we can now work on creating the ultimate key art and trailer that will make every distributor worldwide jump at the chance to buy our film. And while we don’t have that to share with you yet, we have been fortunate enough to inspire awesome artwork from our own fan community!

Literally the same day we announced the possibility of the title change back to “Death Grip”, we received the following kick-ass artwork courtesy of Kennedy Dwyre:

This one featuring the film’s supporting villain, Dominic, played by Alvin Hsing.

She even designed artwork for the cover of the soundtrack CD!

So big thanks to Kennedy Dwyre for such epic artwork, and stay tuned for more official art, etc coming soon!


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