How to Economize Your Film Shoot

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be fully prepared for each day of shooting before you arrive on set that day. We learned this the hard way on the set of Death Grip, particularly on the Museum shoot at the Petaluma Historical Museum.

Writer / Director Eric Jacobus discovered how much not having a well thought out shooting script can really slow things down on set. Director of Photography Drew Daniels and Eric managed to work around it together the first day of the two-day Museum shoot. But the second day, they came better prepared with a solid idea of which scenes to shoot in what order based on the area of the location and the setup each required. Armed with that, the day went much more smoothly than the day before, and we all left the set feeling much more satisfied with what we’d gotten done.

To further illustrate this point, here’s another exclusive behind-the-scenes video, shot and edited by Alex Ng, where Eric explains more about shot economizing and other important stuff we learned at the Petaluma Museum set.


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