What is Action Kickback?

You may have seen us mention in various places that Rise And Fail is an Action Kickback film.

Well, what is Action Kickback?

is a revolutionary new action film model that emphasizes greater integration of fight choreographers and talented writers to the production team, producing a stronger amalgamation of no-nonsense, authentic action and solid storytelling that won’t soon be forgotten.

I mean, let’s be honest. We’ve all heard the criticism about action films: Action equals choppy shots and cheesy lines. As an action fan, you figure if you go in expecting little of the story, and sometimes even the action, you’ll still manage to come away reasonably satisfied.

The truth is, as the action genre grew in its success it developed into a model that, though profitable, left audiences hungry for better stories and a more cohesive action experience. We’re regularly sold on action films that claim to “bring us back to the old days”, only to be let down by more cheap, processed action that brings confusion, not thrills. While we witness the rising popularity of televised mixed martial arts like UFC and choreographed wrestling narratives from WWE, it’s clear that audiences are still demand character dramas with awesome fight scenes they can follow. So why hasn’t Hollywood caught on?

Just because something is believed to be routinely bad by today’s standards does not make it reason to avoid it – it’s reason to improve it! Enter Rise And Fail, Eric Jacobus’s second contribution to the Action Kickback movement.

To learn more about the Action Kickback movement and how you can be a part of it yourself, visit the new Action Kickback website.


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