The Value of Pickups

After over three months since the completion of principal photography, we discovered we needed a few more shots. So we decided to film some pickups this past weekend, including an entirely new fight scene.

The beauty of filming pickups is that it allows you to set up jokes or explain action you didn’t “sell” enough later in the film. You can strategically place a significant prop that will be referenced later in the story, or use a specific martial arts move that has meaning for a character. Now it can be tempting to do this too much – i.e. “let’s reference that pitcher of water in the background at the end of the movie too!” – but you run the risk of becoming hokey. We did manage to hold ourselves back reasonably well though, and only did it with a few things, so hopefully that means that we’ll come off more “witty” than “hokey”.

That is of course provided the new footage looks exactly the same as with the rest of the film. To ensure this, that meant renting about $600 worth of equipment for two days of filming, plus hiring 7 people for cast & crew, at a cost of over $1,000. Continuity isn’t cheap, but the last thing we want is for the film to become disjointed at the 8-minute mark.

And this is also all provided you forget you read this post (and the corresponding post on The Actionist) when you see the film. 🙂


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