How Many Takes it Takes: To Get One Long Shot

If you’re a connoisseur of fight scenes, then you’d know that many fight scenes in this modern movie making age are a compilation of cuts and edits that highlight the actor’s movements. Some times the edits are to emphasize certain movements, but most of the time they are done in a way that makes an actor (who doesn’t know how to fight) look like they know how to fight. True martial arts prowess is not demonstrated through a fight scene with all these jarring cuts and edits, but rather through wider angles and (if you dare it) longer shots.

Since we boast that Rise And Fail’s action centers around fights that do showcase martial arts ability, we tend to prefer these long shots that allow the audience to fully grasp the extent of our actor’s skills.

While this sounds like a great idea, the problem is that with longer shots, there are a lot more places to make mistakes – one wrong move and you have to start the whole sequence all over again.

Watch this video to see for yourself the effort (and number of takes) it took to make a single long shot.

Really makes you appreciate these long fight scenes a lot more, doesn’t it?


One response to “How Many Takes it Takes: To Get One Long Shot

  1. Reblogged this on The Actionist and commented:

    Since we’ve received some attention lately regarding the “Knife fight” in Rise And Fail, I thought it timely to blog a behind the scenes video of us trying desperately (for 40 or so takes) to get one shot of choreography in that fight.

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