Interview with Sean Rochford, “The Secret Action Star”

During the course of filming, we were also able to find time to interview Sean Rochford, who plays the role of “Joe” in Rise And Fail.

Sadly, many of Sean’s stunts were cut from the final cut after being deemed “too mind-boggling” by the editors (evidently the footage was shown to a cage filled with hamsters to gauge the “awesome-quality”: only 1 of the 400 hamsters survived, the rest died from their heads imploding from awesome overload). But don’t worry, many of Sean’s other scenes were able to grace the final cut.

Also, if you missed our Dec 1 blog post, we are excited to announce that our fearless leader Eric Jacobus has started his own personal blog called The Actionist, where he shares his insights on the choreography of fight scenes and the process of creating an independent action film. And since Eric has far superior intel, he has already blogged about this very same Interview with Sean Rochford. So feel free to check out his post as well (we won’t be offended).

And remember, we still need help getting this film finished. We have a Kickstarter campaign up now, so if you’d like to help us get this movie get made, this is your opportunity! A $30 donation gets you a signed copy of the DVD (complete with bonus footage & special features), plus even more rewards for higher donation thresholds, so there’s no reason to not donate today!


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