Filming Equipment: The Jib

We had handy a great many useful pieces of equipment on the set of Rise And Fail. But one we did not think to bring in until very late, which turned out to be possibly the most valuable of all, was The Jib.

Our Cinematographer Drew Daniels quickly found himself married to this handy all-in-one wonder tool. Not only did it create some gorgeous shots, but its maneuverability allowed Drew to get a wide variety of steady shots without having to readjust a clunky tripod. The jib can double as a tripod, a dolly, a crane — pretty much anything you want — all-in-one! It’s the super spectacular jib, and we got to use one for our film!

Listen to Rise And Fail’s Writer & Director Eric Jacobus talk more about this wonder tool, and what we had to do to get it.


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