The Stunt People and Speed Ramping

Throughout their history as a stunt & fight choreography team, The Stunt People have often heard the line:

I bet they sped that up“.

This would imply that the people in the fights in question aren’t actually moving as quickly as they appear to be, and require the aid of post-filming effects to achieve the speed and effects ultimately seen in the video.

However, The Stunt People are proud to say that they do not actually use such post-filming effects in their fight choreography. Every video and fight sequence you see from them were really filmed as fast as they look. In fact, insisting that the fights are sped up is actually a compliment to how fast they are.

That said, there are times in which the process of “speed ramping” does produce quite an awesome effect. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, “speed ramping” is the process of changing the frame rate of a shot to speed up or slow down the action. It produces a sort of “time slowing” or “time speeding-up” effect. You see the effect used in movies like “The Matrix” or games like “Max Payne”, in the form of “bullet-time”.

While The Stunt People don’t speed up their fights, there are times in which the “speed-ramping urge” kicks in. And when it does, this is what we get:


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