How Many Takes it Takes: To Get One Take of a Fall

As mentioned in the previously-posted series, The Makings of a Stuntman, a stuntman has to be prepared to do more than just take a beating. He has to be able to perform the same stunt (and take the same beating) multiple times, each with equal skill and safety — which might beg the question: “how many times do they have to do each stunt?”

The answer is naturally that “it varies”, but in general a stunt will take at least two or three tries to get it right.

While anyone can fall, a stuntman can make the fall look painful while avoiding serious injury, and do it several times. For example, let’s take Eric’s fall in the Museum. It’s a pretty simple fall that anyone could do. However, the difference lies in whether you can do it without ending up bent over nursing your hip like a bandaged up old grandmother.

Here is some footage behind the making of a single fall, and the numerous times we had to do it over again just to get this single stunt.


Technically, the answer to the title question is “one”, since it really only takes one to get a take (hah). The point here, however, is that to get a “good take” might take several takes, as evidenced by the above video.


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