Filming Locations: Museum Bathroom

Note: This is part of a series. Find the first post here: Film Location: The Museum

Now, you might think that a bathroom set would be an easy thing to procure. After all, restroom facilities are plentiful and can be found in nearly every building where people reside (this is a direct cause of most civilized people’s preference to use specialized waste facilities rather than taking a shit in the woods). However, finding a bathroom set for “Rise And Fail” became a bit difficult when we gave our requirements: 1. It had to be the right size for a fight sequence. 2. Other people wouldn’t be allowed in it for a few days. 3. We wanted to destroy it.

With these criteria in mind (especially #3), it’s no surprise we had trouble finding someone willing to loan their bathroom to us (I say loan, but we’d really be destroying it, so it’d be more accurate to say “giving it to us”). So instead, we decided to build a bathroom of our own!

Here are a few shots of the set:

This is the Before shot of what the area looked like.

This is the aftershot. As evidenced by these photos, we can see that Eric does a lot of sitting around. But at least he manages to change his clothes to fit the scene.

The Bathroom from another angle.

You might be asking “How did you turn that musky old warehouse into a pristine bathroom?” (Oh, you weren’t asking that? Well, whatever I’ll tell you anyways). The answer is quite simple, but involves several steps.

First, our production designer Ejay Ongaro erected a wall of 2×4’s and sheet rock to partition the warehouse into a space appropriately sized for a bathroom. After we painted the walls and the floor their respective colors, Ejay returned to erect the stalls, add the toilets and sink, and a few more decorative set pieces. Then we finished it off by adorning the room with flowers and lights and pretty framed pictures – anything we’d be willing to break.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many photos involving the construction of the bathroom, since we used all our time and energy documenting the destruction of the bathroom. And while much of that footage will be used in the actual film (that I won’t spoil for you), I’m sure we’ll be able to procure a few Behind The Scenes clips and photos of the destruction for you in an upcoming post. So stay tuned!


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