Filming Locations: The Museum

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As you may already know, “Rise And Fail” is filmed entirely in northern California, around the San Francisco bay area. In the next few posts of this series, we will be looking at the various locations where we have filmed, as well as prospects that had once been location hopefuls.

The Museum Scene:

In “Rise And Fail”, the museum serves as a very central and key location: That is, where the Coin of Judas is first seen and several important characters of the film are introduced. As such, it was important to find a location that was fitting for such a scene – one which wouldn’t look out of place holding an antique coin…. something rather like a museum. And we found it, the Petaluma Historical Museum in Petaluma, CA!

No place more fitting for resembling a museum than a museum right? Actually, I have no idea why it says “free public library”, as it is clearly a museum on the inside.

As luck would have it, our filming schedule fell right when the museum was in between exhibits and therefore shut to the public! So we managed to squeeze in a few days, installing a whole exhibit to match the theme of the Coin of Judas: a Roman themed exhibit. Now to be clear, we aren’t talking about togas and pita bread (that’s Greek anyways), but rather glass cases filled with gold and red Roman shields and armor resembling that worn by the Spartans in the movie “300” (or Spartacus if you prefer to be historically accurate).

Something you’d wear to a Ren Fair.

his merry men wore this too

And to top it off, the scene necessitated having polished-looking members of society to attend the showing of the renowned Coin, which meant finding extras with that certain… something. Not an easy task, but I think we did alright. Since you can’t see the whole scene yet, here are a few shots to whet your appetite:

Commentary (sidenotes):

It might be of interest to you to know that all of the exhibit pieces featured in the film were supplied by our Production Designer Ejay Ongaro, who just happened to have boxes of Roman weapons and full suits of armor lying around in a warehouse somewhere. How odd, imagine that as a sort of conversation starter, “Did you know that 99 out of 100 men don’t have suits of Roman Armor in their storage? I’m quite rare, you see…” While I doubt people will immediately begin worshiping the ground you walk on, I have little doubt that they won’t really be able to argue that having suits of armor is quite the rare trait.

As a piece of trivia, this is also the scene that required having the most extras on set.


4 responses to “Filming Locations: The Museum

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    • If we are talking about the accumulated total of extras we had for the group fight, then there were more for the group fight. But for that one day I believe there were more people than the most popular group fight day. Hmm… this makes me want to double check though.

      • The max number of extras at the museum was 20. The group fight maxed out at 12 according to our doc but I thought there were 13 or 14.

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