BTS: The Makings of a Stuntman_Part 2

Continued from Part 1…

Read Part one here: The Makings of a Stuntman Part 1

If you think of stuntmen, your image of them generally equates to something like this:

Also known as the ultimate stuntman,

Which makes sense when you think about Stuntmen as basically the ones who take the hits the falls and the damage in the filming of a movie: essentially the Whipping boy of movie actors. When the stunt comes out, the action star is replaced by a double who takes the hits and the damage. If you were to equate to to a role in an online game, the stuntman would be the tank.

Given their job description, you’d think that the stuntman just needs to overcome the fear of pain and rush mindlessly and recklessly into a feat that looks extremely dangerous. However, it’s not the case (at least on our set).


Naturally not all Stuntmen are the kind who do choreographed fight routines. You have stuntmen for action shots in cars, others for doing motorcycle tricks, and those whose specialty is getting thrown out a five story window and landing on a pile of cardboard boxes (they’re cardboard boxes because it’s Hong Kong). However, most if not all the stuntmen in this movie are the type who can fight.

For instance, as you can see in this behind the scenes clip, this stuntman has practiced Wushu.

Lightsaber does not actually show in the film.

Others have studied styles such as Taekwondo, Karate, Hapkido…etc. However, what I’m trying to get across is not so much that “the people on our set do martial arts” as much as the idea that martial arts is often a good transition into stunt work, which is why so many of our stuntmen are martial artists (I believe there were a few exceptions, one of which was a non-martial artist who did Parkour, but that just proves my point).

A good stuntman doesn’t just jump into a stunt and believe his body is invincible, but rather practices falls, trains them, prepares mentally, and takes the jump. Martial arts is often a good tool to get used to using your body in such a way, which is often why so many stuntmen are also martial artists.

But don’t take my word for it… (Reeaaading Raaaaiinnboowww)

To be continued in part 3…

-Lujhei out.

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