The Movie Formerly Known as “Death Grip”

Breaking News! The movie once known as “Death Grip” has been renamed to “Rise And Fail”. All other aspects of the film stay the same, except now you’ll have a wonderfully fun time trying to get yourself to read “Fail” instead of “Fall”.

The title change has been a long time coming as the film’s core team began to realize that the title “Death Grip” was less and less appropriate for the movie they were making. While “Death Grip” is an appropriate title for a straight up action movie, this film was more than just a string of fight scenes. And so discussion about the title began, after much of the footage was already shot.

Obviously a title change isn’t something taken lightly, and there were several possibilities considered. The movie wasn’t always called “Death Grip”, it was once called “Kenny the Lackey” in its earliest stage, and some of the other possible titles considered included “Legal Guardian”, “The Caterer”, and “The Lackey”.

You might be thinking, “I really like the idea of title X”, why did they decide on “Rise And Fail”? Well, the first winning idea was to simply name the movie “Fail”, but somehow that title just didn’t feel completely right. So the idea expanded to “Rise and Fail”, which felt not only like a nice play on words, but also perfectly captured a key theme for several of the film’s main characters. But then you’ll have to watch the film in order to see how that manifests for each of them.

The original Logo


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